Committee Objectives

Beads of CourageOne of the most important and interesting ideas to come to the guild was to get involved in the “Beads of Courage” program, which helps to reward children coping with cancer for all the difficult procedures they have to face.  It was originally sponsored by The Bead Museum in Glendale, Arizona, but of course they welcome beady contributions from all over, especially hand-made beads, including polymer clay! Marni Vigil is in charge of this project and I know she would be happy if you brought a ton of beads with you to donate for this worthy venture. Each medical procedure has a different color bead associated with it, and there are special beads for special milestones as well, all of which are given to the children when they complete the procedures.Beads of Courage Procedures Colors:

Bone Marrow Aspiration/Biopsy:  Beige
Course of Chemotherapy:  White
Central Line/Port/PICC Line Insertion and Removal:  Orange
Clinic Visit:  Blue
Emergency/Ambulance/Unusual Occurrence:  Magenta
Hair Loss/Thinning: Brown
Isolation/Fever/Neutropenia:  Lime
Lumbar Puncture:  Turquoise
Morphine/Dopamine/PCA Infusions:  Purple
Pokes (IV Starts, Blood Draws, IM Injections, Port Access): Silver/Black
Radiation Treatments:  Glow in the Dark
Tests/Scans (EEG, ECG, ECHO, MRI, CT, Bone Scan, Gallium …): Light Green
Transfusions:  Red
Tube Insertions (Catheter, Chest, NG, Foley): Aqua
Sleep Over at Hospital/Inpatient Admission:  Yellow
Stem Cell Harvest/Dialysis/TPN:  Dark Green
Surgery and Dressing Changes:  Silver
Transfer to the PICU:  Square HeartMilestones:
Act of Courage:  Glass selection
Bone Marrow Transplant:  Glass selection
Completion of Treatment:  Purple Heart

Bottles of Hope: Encourage and make available the opportunity for guild members to make “Bottles of Hope” for cancer patients (both guild members and in the greater community). Contact oncology departments in local hospitals and cancer centers and to plan “Bottles of Hope” events.

Budget and Finance: prepare and present to the guild membership an annual budget

Julie Fund: oversee the implementation of this fund as stated in its mission statement

Library: the Librarian shall purchase and maintain a library of books, videos and periodicals on the subject of polymer clay and related subjects, and shall make the contents of the library available to members at the general meetings, Clay Days and retreats.

Membership: shall be responsible for membership, including preparing an annual membership roster and directory, collecting dues and keeping track of attendance at general guild meetings

Outreach: oversee outreach to guild members and the community

Programs: responsible for coordinating and setting up classes, workshop and round robins that are sponsored by the guild

Publications: responsible for the publication of any newsletters or other publications the Guild may establish, electronic or printed; oversee the publication of a guild website and coordinate any multi-media informational portfolio.

Retreat: plan and implement our annual guild retreat.

Rules and Ethics and By-Laws: shall document rules and procedures adopted by the Guild; may suggest guidelines regarding ethical behavior expected of members including a code of conduct during guild meetings and events; and may review situations regarding violations of or problems concerning rules, ethics or Guild policy, with power only to recommend resolution, leaving any formal action to the Board. This committee shall periodically review the By-Laws and amend the By-Laws as deemed necessary with approval of the Board of Directors.

San Diego County Fair: Shall be responsible for coordinating our demonstrations, and other activities related to the fair.”