RULES FOR — USE OF THE SDPCG LIBRARY: Any member in good standing shall be able to borrow from the guild library. There is no charge for this membership benefit. However, new members shall write a deposit check to be placed on hold with the librarian till they have been a member in good standing for no less than six months. After this time, if library material has been returned according to the library rules, your check shall be returned to you to dispose of as you see fit.

Lending Rules of SDPCG Library
Deposit Checks for new members: At one time, you are able to rent up to:
*Videos- $35.00 *2 videos
*Books $25.00 *2 books
*Magazines $5.00 *4 magazines
*TOTAL Check amount: $140.00


Update coming soon…

  • Click here for our list of videos updated May 2019 (pdf file)
  • Click here for our list of books updated May 2019 (pdf file)
  • Click here for our list of magazines updated May 2019 (pdf file)

These lists will be updated as we get new materials.

Wish List The guild has a wish list of printed and video materials we would like to add to the library. Please contact the librarian to see if you may have some of this material you no longer use that you are willing to donate. Cash donations to the library fund are happily accepted and greatly appreciated.
Library RulesNo items should be removed from the premises without checking out through the librarian.Please rewind videosLent items are for 30 days only. You are able to borrow materials from the guild library during General Meetings or on Clay Days. You can return materials the next General Meeting or Clay Day.RULES OF RETURN: Borrowed items are to be returned within 30 days of lending. They are to be returned to the librarian or her agent. Be sure your name is marked as returned; otherwise you are responsible for that item.*Every effort should be made to return on time. If you will be unable to return items at meeting or clay day, it is possible to return them, or mail them, to the librarian directly- contact the librarian before doing so. Important: If you will be late, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the librarian by phone or e-mail. Please notify librarian as soon as possible after the due date (or before if you know you will be missing the meeting/clay day).

If you are late returning materials, a LATE FEE of $5.00 per month shall be applied after 60 days. You have a full month’s grace period after your borrowing period to return items to librarian before the next meeting or Clay Day, or the late fee will apply. If you are consistently late returning material, your library privileges shall be reviewed and possibly terminated.

WAITING LIST: Any member can request to be put on the waiting list for any item. When the item is available, you will be notified via phone or email that the item is available. It is your responsibility to get the item if it is not during a meeting or Clay Day.

LOST ITEMS: If an item is lost while in your possession, the cost to replace the items falls to the member. Please discuss this with the librarian.