General Meetings and Clay Days

General Meetings for 2015

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It’s Membership Renewal Time

If you want to pay online, click on one of the links below. You’ll pay a few pennies extra, but what a time savings and a lot more convenient!

Not to mention that you’ll completely avoid the possibility of getting a paper cut on your tongue from licking that nasty goo on the envelope flap shut.

Individual Membership 2015 Dues = $26.06 PayPal takes $1.06.
But remember a mailing stamp costs almost half a dollar now now. So you’re really saving just 57 cents. Why not pay online?
Family Membership 2015 Dues = $36.35  PayPal charge is $1.35. Only 86 cents more than if you mailed your dues.
Business Membership 2015 Dues = $36.35  PayPal takes $1.35. Only 86¢ extra.

Then download and fill out the membership form and return it via email to me, Nadejda Valiaeva <>

Membership Renewal Form

You can also pay via check and mail it via snail mail:

Write check out to: San Diego Polymer Clay Guild or SDPCG

Remember: All Membership Dues are due by Feb 15th.  Any dues not received by Feb 15th will be considered as Non-Paying Members and will have to pay the Non-Membership rates for Sandy Camp and all scheduled Polymer Clay Classes.

E-Mail Only Members

For those who don’t want or can’t pay for membership for 2014, but would still like to get the email with news from SDPCG, please email me and let me know so we can mark our distribution list accordingly.

Please when replying your response, can you please provide me with your current mailing address, e-mails, websites, home phone and cell phone so we can update our distribution list accordingly.

If you want to be remove from our email distribution list, again please let me know.

If you have any question, please reply to Nadia Valiaeva 

Membership Chair

Nadia Valiaeva

4049 Carmel View rd., #77

San Diego, CA 92130


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Sandy Camp 2014

Thank you Julie Creswell for sharing your photos with us!


IMG_2378 (427x640) IMG_2375 (427x640) IMG_2374 (640x427) IMG_2373 (427x640) IMG_2372 (427x640) IMG_2366 (427x640) IMG_2364 (427x640) IMG_2362 (427x640) IMG_2349 (640x427) IMG_2339 (640x427) IMG_2335 (427x640) IMG_2331 (640x427) IMG_2323 (640x427) IMG_2319 (640x427) IMG_2307 (640x427) IMG_2301 (640x427) IMG_2281 (640x427) IMG_2279 (427x640) IMG_2275 (427x640) IMG_2269 (640x427) IMG_2268 (427x640) IMG_2267 (640x427) IMG_2266 (427x640) IMG_2265 (640x427) IMG_2264 (640x427) IMG_2245 (427x640) IMG_2237 (640x427) IMG_2234 (640x427)

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Carol Simmons Class Coming Soon!

Check out the Upcoming Classes page for more information.

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Sandy Camp Blog Via Gloria Uhler

Hello everyone,  Gloria Uhler was nice enough to share her Sandy Camp experience with us via her blog.  If you have a chance hop on over and enjoy looking back at all the fun we had.  Thank you Gloria for sharing your experience with us!

Gloria’s Blog about Sandy Camp


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We Would Like to Thank The Sponsors of Sandy Camp




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